Sunday, 28 May 2017

2017 NHL Playoff Pickz: Round 3 review, Stanley Cup Final pick.

Hi everyone Alan here for both Round 3 review, and my Stanley Cup Finals pick.

Here's Round 3 review.

Western Conference

1) Anaheim vs WC2) Nashville
My pick: Preds in 6 games
Result: Preds wins it in 6 games
My thought: I never thought that this team would be heading to the Stanley Cup finals.

Eastern Conference

2) Ottawa vs 2) Pittsburgh
My pick: Pens in 7 games
Result: Pens in 7 games
My thought: I got this series right just like the Western Conference finals.

Now before I place my final pick, it's time for another fan request concept but it's not the Calgary Flames, this time it's the Florida Panthers.

On this set it's the Panthers first 3 jersey set in Reebok form, the colors is from the team's current set, and lastly the nameplate and the number fonts is J-LOG Razor Edge Sans Small Caps.

This one is the same but the jersey design are recolored.

Lastly this is the team's first Reebok set plus their red jersey with the same pipping treatment as the others, and of course in the team's current colors.

Now it's time for my final pick and it is for the NHL Stanley Cup Championship. From the west the Challenger, the Nashville Predators. Their opponent, from the east, making their return for the 2nd time in a row, and the 2016 Stanley Cup Champion the Pittsburgh Penguins! Who will win?
My pick: Sorry Pittsburgh but I'm going with Nashville in 6 games.

Well that's it for now enjoy this year Stanley Cup Finals, til then later.

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