Sunday, 8 January 2017

Request to explain

Hi Everyone Alan here for my first post of 2017 here at AJH HJA. I’ll explain of the reason why for the lack of posts since late November, in early November I got everything all ready and all my posts is set up, scheduled to be posted everything is going as planned so well that I worked on my new project that involves with NHL and Adidas. On Nov 6, 2016, my grandmother passed away peacefully it hit me hard it really hit me emotionally and it threw me off badly I had a hard time trying to get back on track with my concepts. In first week of December almost a month after my grandmother’s passing I got an e-mail from John O. for another concept request, to me it’s just what I needed to get my mind off things that’s been hitting me emotionally and with that I got the request done for him and he love it. So, today’s concept is the New York Rangers Fan Request concept.

This one is indeed a classic pre-edge Lady Liberty design in Reebok cut form. Front logo, shoulder patch is indeed the same as the classic, but two things that are different. 1st I put the shoulder patch logo on the helmet, and 2nd the fonts for both numbers and nameplate is J-Log Rebellion Sans Small Caps custom made by you guess it John O.

Well with concept done and thanks to the request I’m slowly getting back on track of my NHL Adidas series project I won’t be posting them until I get all 31 teams made. Now for quick note if anyone questions it I have been uploading some of my concepts on my Deviantart page I’m still uploading some of my concepts on my Photobucket page as well but the reason is I felt like I haven’t pay much attention to my Deviantart page so I decide to upload more of my concepts on that page to show that page isn’t dead while my Photobucket page I just uploading so far just fan request concepts. So once my NHL Adidas series is done, I’ll be uploading them on to my Deviantart page with its own gallery just like my OHL series, and my IIHF series. Other note to add is I’ve updated my Links page well it’s not a big one just adding links to John’s pages one is his FFont page, and the other Dafonts page if you want new fonts check out those pages.

Will there be any non-concept posts? Depends on how I feel like ranting I might try to do a jersey review post but don’t hold your breath just in case.
Well that’s all I can do for now, until then later.

In Memory
Audrey Hunter (Nan)

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  1. Happy 2017 Alan. First of all, sorry about your loss. Hope you'll remain strong. Second, looking forward to your upcoming projects like that NHL Adidas series. Keep on going forward at what you do best. :)

    P.S.: I dig the Rangers concept set. And as a fan of that team, but if I was a staff member of the franchise, I would without holding back of approving this as a rebrand. But if someone would want to make a small change to it, it would be the font style. But I wouldn't mind if that font would be similar to that updated Rangers logo's letters (a la ITC Machine, but with pointy serifs as a small custom edit). :lol